Metal Injection Molding VS Traditional powder metallurgy


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Located advanced industrial area with mature supply chain so can offer more competitive price.

BEST SOLUTION Based on customers’ project information, we would help partners take comprehensive consideration of material, cost, post process, quantity and time-line to figure out the best solutions among MIM, CNC, Die Casting, Stamping and others.

QUALITY 8 years in Metal Injection Molding technology.
ISO9001-2008 /ISO14001 Certificated Factory .
Japan-Imported Manufacture Facility.
Partnership With Worldwide Brands in Japan, America And Europe.

ENGINEERING TEAM More than 85% engineers with above 6 years of MIM development experience.
At least 10 projects developed each month.
Above 80% projects can be finished as planned time-line.

Welcome to ZCMIM---- Company Profile

Welcome to ZCMIM---- Company Profile

ZCMIM is an advanced metal injection molding manufacture in China, specialized in stainless steel injection molding. We are engaged in researching, developing and sales of precision metal parts by new technology Metal Injection Molding(MIM), which is very suitable for mass production small complicated metal components.


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Relationship between powder loading and product shrinkage in MIM
In MIM, in addition to influence of powder characteristics and sintering process on shrinkage and deformation, loading capacity of powder also has a great influence on shrinkage and deformation.
Density Measurement Method in Metal Injection Molding
Metal powder metallurgy refers to fill metal alloy or its oxide, carbide powder into mold, applied high pressure for moulding, then sintering and solidification to achieve required products.
Application of sandblasting technology in metal injection molding products
Sand blasting process of stainless steel is also a necessary procedure for many metal injection molding products.
MIM-Metal injection molding
The MIM process is particularly suitable for mass production of relatively small, complex components requiring high strength, high performance and cost efficiency.
Product development process of metal injection molding
MIM (metal injection molding) technology is more and more widely used in manufacture of metal parts, MIM product development process, there are seven production processes-- product development process, customer demand assessment, mold development plan, mold processing, mold test, sample production, trial production, and batch production.

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