Metal Injection Molding VS Traditional powder metallurgy


OUTSTANDING SERVICES & COMPETITIVE PRICE Dedicated customer service team and engineering staffs always stand-by solving issues to ensure on-time delivery.
Located advanced industrial area with mature supply chain so can offer more competitive price.

BEST SOLUTION Based on customers’ project information, we would help partners take comprehensive consideration of material, cost, post process, quantity and time-line to figure out the best solutions among MIM, CNC, Die Casting, Stamping and others.

QUALITY 8 years in Metal Injection Molding technology.
ISO9001-2008 /ISO14001 Certificated Factory .
Japan-Imported Manufacture Facility.
Partnership With Worldwide Brands in Japan, America And Europe.

ENGINEERING TEAM More than 85% engineers with above 6 years of MIM development experience.
At least 10 projects developed each month.
Above 80% projects can be finished as planned time-line.

Welcome to ZCMIM---- Company Profile

Welcome to ZCMIM---- Company Profile

ZCMIM is a Chinese advanced MIM manufacturer, a Hi-Tech private shareholding enterprise, specialized in powder(metal) injection molding (PIM/MIM) processing. We are engaged in researching, developing and sales of precision metal components by new technology MIM, which is very suitable for mass production small complicated metal components.


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Causes and Solutions of Sink Mark in Injection Molding
 Concave holes on MIM parts’ surface known as sink mark in injection molding. In addition to affect product appearance, also reduce the strength of the finished product. Sink mark is relevant to molding process, mould design and
What cause Short Shot Injection Molding and how to solve?
Short shot in injection molding is a phenomenon that melting MIM material has not filled with every corner of mould completely.
How Many Binders?
Big binder has been applied to metal injection molding industry, different binder reflect difference between powder properties and de-binding process
What Special Parts Unable to be Made by Traditional Powder Metallurgy?
As a kind of manufacturing high quality precision parts near net shape forming technology, metal injection molding has the incomparable advantage over conventional powder metallurgy and machinin
which metal injection molding parts can be used on the car?
Because of the metal injection molding process has the advantages of saving raw materials, light weight, excellent performance and low cost advantages, in addition to the engine

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