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Density Measurement Method in Metal Injection Molding

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Metal powder metallurgy refers to fill metal alloy or its oxide, carbide powder into mold, applied high pressure for moulding, then sintering and solidification to achieve required products. Metal powder particles are refined and then made into complex shape, rather than traditional machining. Due to great influence of pore structure and physical properties of PM powder, bulk density, wet density, apparent porosity and oil rate are main standards of products according to requirements, so it is more important to test green parts and sintered parts’ density. According to specifications, special attention should be paid to weight measurement in water. Put air weight sample into industrial alcohol liquid with tweezers. After soaking with water, shake water drops and slowly put them into blue hanging frame, close the door. At this time, there should be no bubbles on product surface. Record weight value after digital pulse stops. Density of green part and sintered part = weight in air / (weight in air - weight in water).

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