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How to anti-rust for powder metallurgy part?

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 Powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy process includes forging powder metallurgy, pressure sintering powder metallurgy, isostatic pressing powder metallurgy, metal injection molding etc. In process of production, it need to do anti-rust treatment for easily oxidized (rusted) dense material. Dense material MJ316 rust fluid offers good rust proof treatment with no effect on further process.

Ingredients: film-forming substances, antioxidants, etc.

Features: water-based, coating excellent; high temperature resistance; has a certain anti strain capacity for different parts; rust proof and antioxidant for ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Application area: rust proof treatment for casting iron, iron-based powder metallurgy products, powder sintering dense material, machined parts and others.

Environmental Security: The solution for environmental water-soluble anti-rust solution; not produce volatile toxic substances; In direct contact with the body, please first with plenty of water to clean.

Instructions: Stirring or shaking evenly before using, immersing or spraying on metal surface then airing or drying

Rust proof life: around 18 months -30 months. Diluted with water may be appropriate to use.

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