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How to choose mould for MIM injection molding?

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MIM Powder Injection

How to choose mould for MIM injection molding? powder injection molds base are exactly the same as plastic molds. Mold base material can refer to plastic injection mold base: generally, dynamic templates, fixed mould plate, ejection plate use 45 steel, thermal refining hardness 180 ~ 250HRC. Other plates use 45 or Q235 steel.


For particularly high precision mold, all plates can use quenching and tempering 45 steel,  or even micro distorted steel Cr12 with quenching treatment. Guide pin and guide sleeve can use material T8A hardened to 50 ~ 55HRC or 20 steel carburizing 0.5 ~ 0.8mm thickness, hardened to 56 ~ 60HRC.


When injection mold at work, it usually sustains alternating load at 20 ~ 50MPa, accompanied by alternating hot and cold temperatures. In ultra-precision injection molding, the molding pressure does several times more than normal pressure.


Life for injection mold is generally tens or even hundreds thousands times, so the mold should have sufficient strength and rigidity. (Metal Injection Molding) MIM powder injection mold cavity is generally made with 58 ~ 62HRC. Therefore it must pay attention to the stress from sharp corners, grooves, cuts and processing defects.


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