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What Important Things We Should Focus In Powder Injection Molding Process

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There Are Some Important things We Should Focus In Powder Injection Molding Process


1. How to choose metal powders?

In a certain temperature range, the higher the sintering temperature, the greater the sintering density, little change, with the sintering temperature. In a certain range, the larger the size of the powder, the greater the sintering density. Spherical powder is conducive to improving the vibration density, improve the carrying capacity and improve the sintering density.


2. The proportion of metal powder and binder.

Viscosity increases with the increase of solid content, when the solid content of 62%, after injection, the viscosity increased sharply, so that the solid content limit (up to 62%). When the binder is not enough, there is a gap between the two will affect the powder product, the mechanical strength of the adhesive over the solid content is too low, affecting the degreasing, sintering shrinkage.


3. How to design gate and overflow?

The gate should be in a higher position in space, thereby reducing the possibility of melt friction in the mold, reducing the injection pressure and reducing the deformation of the product. In addition, the design of the flash point is also very important, the flash point for the cold material injection process to load, to ensure product consistency.


Metal powder injection molding technology not only has the "plastic injection molding" process has advantages include complex shape, easy to mass production characteristics, and with precision casting, forging close to the physical, chemical and mechanical properties, in the preparation of a three-dimensional complex geometric shape , Uniform structure and high performance of the net shape of the product has a unique advantage.

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