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MIM-Metal injection molding

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Metal injection molding provides manufacturing capability for mass production of complex shapes. The method uses exquisite metal powders (usually less than 20 microns) customised from adhesives (various thermoplastics, waxes and other materials), which are prilled and fed into cavities in conventional injection molding machines. After removing "green" components, most binders are extracted by heat treatment or solvent treatment, while rest is removed when sintered (solid diffusion) in a controlled atmosphere furnace. MIM process is very similar to plastic injection molding and high pressure die casting, and can produce roughly same shape and configuration characteristics. However, it is limited to relatively small, highly complex parts that would otherwise require extensive finishing or assembly operations if manufactured by any other metal forming process. MIM is used by many industries such as medical devices, telecommunications, electronics, and auto, and it is a viable and cost-effective alternative to other types of metal processing, such as machining and casting. The MIM process is particularly suitable for mass production of relatively small, complex components requiring high strength, high performance and cost efficiency.

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