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Should I choose Metal Injection Molding or Die Casting?

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Actually there are so many similarities between Metal Injection Molding(MIM) and Die Casting, Both of these two metal parts producing methods take use of mould, and their producing process are sort of similar, melt metal injected into mold and forming, manufacturers always like take these two producing methods. Therefore, how to define if a metal components project is suitable for Metal Injection or Die Casting?


1.Raw Materials

Commonly used materials for

Die Casting: Aluminum Alloy, Magnesium Alloy, Zinc Alloy, and Copper Alloy in designated circumstance.

Metal Injection Molding: Varieties of Stainless Steels, Iron based.

If we dig deeper, we would find that the biggest difference between Metal Injection Molding and Die Casting raw materials is melting point, in Metal Injection Molding process, the melting point is higher, the shape of raw materials is powder, and we would add binders into MIM process, and then sintering process, which is like “oven” process.

As Die Casting usually take formed materials, so we can see that Metal Injection Molding have higher raw materials requirements but more complicated producing process.


2.Size and Weight

The range of Die Casting size is much wider than Metal Injection Molding. It also means Metal Injection Molding have limitation in size nowadays, usually can produce metal parts under 200g.


For the product’s weight of these two manufacturing methods, due to the “binders” wouldn’t remove completely in MIM process, whereby the MIM components would be lighter. In the “lose weight” stream of many industies today, it’s an very important way to achive.


3.Quantity and Costing

Costing is always an important fector when choosing manufacuring process. While the quantity is always an important factor need to be consider. And both of Metal Injection Molding and Die Casting must make mold.

But in generally, when quantity is exceed one specific number, Metal Injection Molding would cheaper than Die Casting.


In any way, the best important reason to choose Metal Injection or Die Casting is raw materials, and specific individual requirements of each metal part project. Last but not the least, take consideration about the quantity for budget control.


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