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Product development process of metal injection molding

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MIM (metal injection molding) technology is more and more widely used in manufacture of metal parts, MIM product development process, there are seven production processes-- product development process, customer demand assessment, mold development plan, mold processing, mold test, sample production, trial production, and batch production.

1. Customer demand assessment; Research drawings, research product requirements, other requirements and information.

2. Mold development plan; It will take two days for mold design, product defect analysis, risk analysis, mold progress and customer confirmation.

3. Mold processing and manufacturing; 18 days, mold manufacturing agreement with foreign mold manufacturers; Follow up ongoing mold work pieces and quality;

4. Mold test; Test time: 3 days; Check patterns; Computer testing; Check injection parts, density, weight, appearance.

5. Sample test: first, injection molding, check appearance, density and weight, De-binding inspection for de-binding rate, sintering parameters, QC inspection and sample delivery.

6. Trial production, trial production of product orders, trial production according to sample production process, trial product pilot run smoothly.

7. Batch production, transfer to production evaluation.

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