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Relationship between powder loading and product shrinkage in MIM

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In MIM, in addition to influence of powder characteristics and sintering process on shrinkage and deformation, loading capacity of powder also has a great influence on shrinkage and deformation.

Loading capacity of powder means volume fraction of powder as a whole feed. The higher powder load, the larger volume of metal powder, and the binder in feed volume is relatively small, so de-binding green part voidage volume is small, and volume shrinkage is relatively small, then deformation is more easier to control. Therefore, increasing powder loading is an effective method to reduce sintering deformation.

Meanwhile, there is a certain relationship between powder loading and linear shrinkage. In order to figure out relationship between powder loading and linear shrinkage, make the following assumptions:

1. Set powder loading amount as K, injection green part as cube and its length is a, side length of sample after sintering is b;

2. All directions are completely with same direction in sintering process;

3. The samples are completely compact after sintering, and there is no powder loss in whole process of de-binding and sintering;

4. Not considered phase transition and lattice parameters effect on sample size.

Therefore, volume of sintered sample is equal to powder injected into green part:



Line shrinkage rate L=(ɑ-b)/ɑ=1-b/ɑ=1-K1/3

In this way, relationship between sintering rate and powder loading is derived, and it can be seen that the higher powder loading amount is, the smaller linear shrinkage rate of samples in sintering process. Therefore, by increasing powder loading, linear shrinkage of samples can be reduced, so as to reduce sintering deformation. Meanwhile, for solid phase sintering products, increasing powder loading can reduce sintering time and improve sintering density.

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