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Structure Of Metal Powder Injection Mold

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Mold is the foundation of the industry. Mold technology, to a large extent, determines the cost of the product, good quality, and even functional features. Metal powder injection molding mold is the basic component of the MIM process.The main structure of metal injection molding mold (commonly known as MIM mold) and the structure of the traditional plastic mold are roughly the same, the casting system, forming parts and structural parts of the three major components. Among them, the pouring system and the forming part are the parts that are in direct contact with the filling mold and are the parts with the highest processing finish and precision in the mold. 

The Casting System

Refers to the molten material from the nozzle into the cavity before the runner part, including the main runner, cold material points, runners and gates and so on. The main channel refers to the nozzle to the diversion flow or cavity of a passageway, generally conical, the top is concave, in order to connect with the nozzle; cold material hole is located at the end of the main channel for a hole to cover the nozzle The two ends of the cold material between the injection to prevent the blockage of the runner and gate; shunt is the main runner and the gate between the gate, the general multi-cavity mold; gate is the shunt and type Cavity connection point, the molten material through the gate into the cavity forming.


The Forming Parts

Refers to the shape of the various components, including dynamic mode, fixed mold and cavity, core, forming rod and exhaust and so on. The movable mold is installed on the moving template of the injection machine, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixed mold of the injection machine. When working, the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed, and the core and the parting cavity form the cavity of the mold. Exhaust port is a slot-shaped air outlet provided in the mold for discharging the gas introduced by the melt.

The Structural Components

Including the guide, stripping, core-pulling, sub-type, such as before and after deduction template, bearing plate, guide column, stripping plate, stripping rod and so on. Guide components are to ensure that the movable mold and fixed mold can be accurately aligned in the mold clamping, the guide member must be set in the mold for positioning; demolding parts for the introduction of shaped parts and reset; some of the more complex shapes of the product Need to design the core, the core can be removed after the smooth release.

With more and more widely used products, the requirements are getting higher and higher, MIM mold manufacturing and design processes must also continue to improve in order to meet the needs of product development.

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