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Study on sintering and properties of 316L and 17-4ph stainless steels by powder injection molding (2)

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It is found that many factors such as brown strength, moment onto the part caused by gravity of the part itself, binder kind, dwelling temperature in the succeeded thermal de-binding step, powder loading etc, will all influence the deformation behavior of the part Loaded moment is one of the most important factors. When the loaded moment is over I0"N In deformation during de-binding may occur Four atmospheres, Ar, Ar+H2, N2 and N2+H2 were adopted as the sintering atmosphere respectively It is shown that the sintering atmosphere has a great effect on microstructures and mechanical properties of injection-molded and sintered gas-atomized 316L stainless steel parts. In Ar+H2 atmosphere, remains of C, O, N are less; the sintered density is high and sizes of the grain and pores are all small. The sintered specimen has optimized multiple mechanical properties. i.e. d-7.85g/cm. ab=630MPA o 0.2=280MPA, 6=52%, HRB=70.5, which is much higher than the American MPIF 35 Standard In Ar, the sintered density is also high (7.84g/cm), but mechanical properties and surface performance are lower than those of the specimen sintered in Ar+H2. When N2 or N2+H2 is used as the sintering atmosphere, there is relatively high constituents of [N] in the sintered Parts probably due to the formation of nitrogen compounds. So the sintered densities of the parts are lower than those of the specimens sintered in Ar or Ar+H2. Yet. tensile strength as high as 745MPA can be obtained in N2 atmosphere.

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