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What are the advantages of powder metallurgy products?

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In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry in the market to fight the fiery, but the metal powder metallurgy which has the advantages of it? Want to know with the Shenzhen MIM manufacturers ZCMIM together to see it!


1. The yield is high, for example to make a gear, the general gear shaper, gear hobbing and other machine to cut off a lot of material, powder metallurgy is not.


2 high melting point materials can be processed, tungsten and molybdenum are almost all produced by the powder metallurgy method, because the melting point is too high and it is difficult to be melted.


3 can be made of porous materials, such as oil bearing, can be stored oil.


4 high production efficiency, because you do not need to machine processing can produce complex shape. Used for small size parts.


5 suitable for making metal matrix composites, such as tungsten / copper composites.

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