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What are the signs of the rapid development of industrial technology in powder metallurgy?

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The rapid development of the technology of powder metallurgy industry, of China's metallurgical industry put forward more requirements, conventional metallurgical techniques with high hardness, low purity, precision and poor shortcomings, can not meet the industry demand, after several years of technical study, released a new powder metallurgy technology more competent industry demand, it is with metal powder or metal powder and metal powder mixture) as the raw material, after forming and sintering, manufacturing metal materials, composite and products of various types of technology.


From time to time through the combination of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent innovation development. In recent years, powder metallurgy industry and technology of China are showing a trend of high speed development, industry one of the fastest growing parts of China general machinery industry, every year, the powder metallurgy industry, the output value of 35% speed increments.


The global manufacturing industry is accelerating the transfer to China, the rapid development of automobile industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, instrumentation, hardware tools, construction machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries such as, for the powder metallurgy industry brought rare development opportunity and huge market space.


In addition, powder metallurgy industry has been included in the China priority development and encourage foreign investment projects. Therefore the development of powder metallurgy industry is very broad prospects. Traditional metallurgical export high yield, for example to make a gear, the general gear shaper, gear hobbing and other machining to cut off a lot of material, powder metallurgy is not.


At present, the powder metallurgy technology commonly used in the production of porous materials, such as oil lubricated bearings, oil storage. The production efficiency is high, because there is no need for machining complex shape can be produced. For small size parts. Suitable for the production of metal matrix composites, powder metallurgy products, compared with the traditional roasting process, not only reduces the cost of manufacturing process, also a lot of precision.

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