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What is powder metallurgy

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Powder metallurgy is Metal powder Injection molding (Metal Injection Molding) or MIM, Metal powder Injection molding technology is infiltration of inter disciplinarity of plastic forming technology, powder metallurgy technology, Metal materials and polymer chemistry.

There is a practical explanation for MIM: it is to design metal parts like plastic parts, and then take advantage of the rapid replication of plastic injection, to inject metal parts into shape, and then sintered into metal solid parts. Powder metallurgy process, because of easy processing and some copy shape and special metal products, but also need to be able to guarantee uniformity of material composition ratio and accuracy, so we can according to demand of use in metal powder mixed with different additional ingredients and to obtain specific performance, such as anti-friction resistance, abrasion resistance and so on. And looking for right of refractory metals and compounds, false alloy and porous material, and matrix of void fraction, can absorb enough lubricating oil, ensure good lubrication and prolong service life, but through solid solution strengthening, hard phase inclusions and a special process, can very good fine grains, which changes its microstructure, high strength, high wear resistance properties, due to powder metallurgical material does not melt in process of production, also not afraid with deoxidizer, impurities of sintering in vacuum and atmosphere, not afraid of oxidation, also won't bring any pollution to materials, Therefore, high purity materials and parts can be made.

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