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Who is advancing behind the progress of the manufacture of large parts of powder metallurgy?

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America is promoting powder metallurgy large parts of manufacturing, investors settle on the growth prospects of this field, with a connecting rod, a shaft sleeve, a cylinder, a gear auto parts as the center, is to warm forming, rolling rolling forming and densification technology application of advance.


Commissioned by the University of research, National Research Institute in disseminating and applying the results, University and the National Institute of cooperative R & D, jointly organized by the national project implementation, universities and research institutes are jointly entered powder metallurgy technology innovation. The European Federation of powder metallurgy industry and society, organized the European powder metallurgy Association, established the research and development of the close collaboration system, is to the multi Nationality Enterprise development.


Asian countries outside of Japan are also being introduced for the United States and Japan, sent technical personnel to foreign countries to accept the education and training, for the growth of the automobile industry to accelerate efforts to. Japan has the comprehensive strength in the research system, technology development, production technology etc..


The advantages in the market oriented development, production management, quality, technology and other aspects of alloy. Has the world's highest levels of technology in terms of lightweight components and manufacturing complex shape parts, but compared with the United States, backward in the basic research of advanced technology, due to the high energy and labour costs. Thus, the cost is high. Compared with Europe and the United States, between the enterprise collaboration technology development rarely, the lack of a common database, new materials market is smaller than that of other countries, in the standard work on lack, in the University of powder metallurgy system research, especially iron system research is drastically reduced.

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