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Why powder metallurgy products will crack?

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Why powder metallurgy products will crack? The potential crack has been regarded as having a huge impact, and often become the production of complex shaped parts, for the industry participants, enhance the obtained material performance benefits only than the weight of solving the problem of crack is slightly higher.


Detailed powder metallurgy products cracking causes and solutions:

1, the formation of cracks

Usually, a solid force separation or split into 2 or more parts, which is called fracture. Fracture can be the cause of crack, crack growth and loads.

For powder metallurgy forming body embryo, cracks can be classified as one of the following reasons:

Inter particle rupture interlock;

No particles are mutually locked.

The main reason of interlocking rupture between particles are powder blocking or stretching.

Interlock rupture may be a combination of action under tension applied or transverse shear stress or two force.

The rupture area may be deeper than the shallow surface, and may be irregular and discontinuous.


On the other hand, if by reach micro should stress intensity level of force or stress caused by stress concentration will result in the formation of the cracks. Therefore, when the transverse or horizontal powder particles crack surface of the regular force component to stress cracking, cracks appear from the outside should force or internal stress generated.

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