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How to legitimately control the continuous sintering of metal powder injection molding?

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In a certain temperature range, the larger the size, the greater the density, but also can be continuous sintering, through reasonable control, can improve the quality of work.


Methods to control continuous sintering of metal powder injection molding:

For the stanless steel parts of the processing, the furnace is divided into three sections, so as to make the parts of the processing technology to adapt.


The first step is for low-temperature degreasing section, is the metal powder rough degreasing, 2. The second step is for the parts sintering section, used The parts are sintered into the third section of the cooling section, used to cool the parts just sintered, adjust the parts performance, improve the quality of parts and service life.


The system design of the continuous sintering furnace is divided into four different points: the metal part is different, the working mode is different, the control method is different, the number of contacts is different. In addition, PLC generally also has step control instructions, can be further control.


Metal powder injection molding material provides a consistent alloy chemical composition and particle size to provide accurate shrinkage when making the walls with special precision (thickness, uniformity, raw material transition, warping and voids), angular joints (intersections, Load, stiffness), as well as textures and illustrations (threads, grooves, lettering aesthetics).

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