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How to control the cost during the process of MIM?

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Metal injection molding is cost-effective compared other manufacturing process when produce complex shape, small size metal components in large quantity, and what else we can do to save more money?

Purchasing cost

The purity of powder metallurgy products between 95%-98% in general, and the procurement cost of raw materials is equal to the cost of each gram of metal materials costs x parts cubage x parts density. So to control the cost, the volume of the part is to be the precise calculation.  


How to produce

The pressure is not the same different requirements of the product to, so the cost will be different. MIM products used in the suppression of the equipment isn’t more, and the speed should be fast.



Control the mold cost

We need to choose the high pressure materials when we choose the material as a mold material, which can ensure product specifications more accurate.

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