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What kinds of surface treatment most used on MIM parts?

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Nowadays metal injection molding parts are used in many industries, mainly because of their size is very high accuracy, and the quality is higher metal parts made by other methods. In order to meet the different and specific needs, which is it must be surface treatment, so that it can be used better.

MIM parts Surface treatment technology:

   1. Polishing

       Polishing is the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical role, so that the workpiece surface roughness reduced in order to obtain bright, flat surface processing methods.

   2. Electroplating treatment

       Electroplating is the use of electrolytic metal or other parts of the surface of the material attached to a layer of the metal film process. Electroplating can play a role in preventing metal oxidation (such as corrosion), improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and enhance the aesthetic effect.

   3. PVD treatment

       PVD refers to the use of physical processes to achieve material transfer, the atoms or molecules from the source to the substrate surface of the process. Its role is to make some special properties (high strength, wear resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc.) particles sprayed on the lower performance of the original parts, making the original has better performance.

   4. Black treatment

       Black is a chemical surface treatment of a common means, the principle is to produce a layer of metal oxide film to isolate the air, to achieve the purpose of rust. Appearance is not high when you can use black treatment, black liquor is the main component of sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrite.

The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements. MIM parts generally require a variety of surface treatment, in order to obtain better corrosion resistance, wear resistance and conductivity, high-quality surface.

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