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What are the Characteristics of Porous Powder Metallurgy Materials?

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    Porous is one important characteristic of powder metallurgy materials. By using this feature, you can:


   (1) Manufacturing sweating material. That is the pores of common low melting powder metallurgy material contain low melting point impregnated substance. When working in high temperature, impregnated substance melt and exude, which make material sweating and heat dissipation. Thus it can be used as substitute for expensive heat-resistant alloy, and also further improve the temperature of heat resistant parts.


   (2)  Manufacture filter materials. Be used for gas filter, liquid filter and poison filter poison


   (3) Containing impregnated low wear additives, can be used for producing oil and non-oil lubricated bearings;  containing spices, can be used for producing fragrant crafts.


   (4) Replacing copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals with iron in some cases.


   (5) Manufacturing sound insulation and adiabatic damping materials.


   (6) Increase specific surface area, used as material carrier (such as catalyst)

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