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What cause Short Shot Injection Molding and how to solve?

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Short shot in injection molding is a phenomenon that melting MIM material has not filled the cavity of mould completely in MIM process.


The causes are:

a. Inappropriate  forming conditions;

b. unreasonable mould design and making

c. Products’ wall thickness is too thin.



From forming process, the solutions to short shot are improving melting feedstock temperature, increasing mold temperature, enhance injection pressure/speed, and improving the liquidity of feedstock. Solutions from mould can be enlarge thsize of main runner or sub-runner, reviewing injection gate location, size, number, etc., trying to make the feedstock easy to flow. Setting up exhaust slots in the appropriate position is very effective on exhausting gas out of mould cavity smoothly.


The table below analyzed causes and solutions for short shot in metal injection molding process.




1Feedstock temperature is too low

1Increase feed cylinder temperature

2Injection pressure is not insufficient

2Increase injection pressure

3Insufficient feedstock

3Increase feedstock volume

4. Shot time is too short

4Increase shot time

5Slow shot speed

5Fast shot speed

6. mould temperature is uneven

6Reset mould runner

7Mould temperature is too low

7Improve mould temperature

8 inadequate venting

8Adding exhaust slots at proper location

9Nozzle blocked or leak material (fever ring burn out)

9Demolish/clean up nozzle

10Injection gate is unequal

10Reset injection gate location

11Runner/gate is too small or too long

11Enlarge/shorten runner/gate size

12lubricant agent in raw material is insufficient

12Adding lubricant agent

13Sealing washer wear down

13Check sealing washer/adjust blanking

4Machine capacity is not enough or no blanking

14replace large volume machine; check/improve blanking

15Wall thickness is unreasonable or too thin

15Improve product wall thickness

16Bad material fluidity

16Improve material fluidity 


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