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What kinds of stainless steel parts made by metal injection molding ?

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What kinds of stainless steel parts made by metal injection molding ?

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the increasingly diversified fields of stainless steel materials can be further expanded, especially the stainless steel parts with complex shape and size of the main material is its development trend.

However, the stainless steel is also difficult to process, because of its high hardness, strength, not suitable for the production of parts of the processing methods, since the former metal injection molding appears so far, the traditional shape of simple stainless steel many excellent performance using precision casting The way to produce more, in this way the production of stainless steel parts of the dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, shape is limited, easy to produce segregation, trachoma has loose loose defects.

In addition to the use of precision casting methods, you can also use die casting - the conventional powder metallurgy method to produce stainless steel parts, but in the use of low concentrations of parts, high porosity, thereby reducing its mechanical, corrosion resistance and appearance, but this methods can only produce simple blank shapes for simple parts forming processes.

Metal injection molding process is the use of fine metal powder microns and some organic binder as injection molding feedstock, the method of complex shape parts, even for some three-dimensional parts can be easily achieved in large-capacity production. The use of raw materials for the use of MIM technology for the production of stainless steel metal powder injection parts is a variety of different types of stainless steel fine powder, and the specific binder after mixing and granulation is the desired shape of the injection molded part, Generally do not need too much follow-up processing, dimensional accuracy can reach ±0.3% -0.5%, the density can reach more than 95% of the theoretical density.

These below stainless steel parts mostly produced by metal injection molding

1) Auto Parts: Ignition chamber, inflatable balloon pin, inflatable balloon pin and others;

2) In mechanical industry, many corrosion resistance and surface appearance of stainless steel metal powder injection parts can be used with considerable stainless steel parts;

3) Aerospace components, small arms Components;

4) Medical and dental instruments: orthodontic care wards, surgical instruments, medical gas manifolds;

5) Consumer Electronics: electric toothbrush gears, watch case straps, spectacle frames;

6) Daily necessities: cylinders, tweezers, pliers, drill bits and other tools, as well as some mechanical "D" Cross "and other joints.

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