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AIM (aluminum alloy injection molding) process introduction

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Aluminum alloy injection molding (AIM) is a new Aluminum alloy forming technology.

Similar to metal powder injection molding (MIM), it is main branch of powder injection molding (PIM) technology, which is developed from injection molding technology. It is fastest developing and most widely used aluminum alloy parts processing technology in world.

AIM is to mix powder and binder evenly, then granulate mixed material through granulator, and then inject it into mold cavity to complete required shape. The mixed melt has good fluidity when heated, which helps to shape product when injected and keeps density uniformity of product. Formed products also need to be de-binding and sintered by sintering furnace, and some parts also need some post-treatment.

This advanced technology is suitable for large quantities various complex parts including some extremely complex three-dimensional shapes, and not require machining or only require a small amount of processing, greatly reducing production costs and improving work efficiency.

Because the injection process is through precise temperature and pressure, so product shape has high accuracy and very uniform density.

AIM aluminum alloy injection molding technology can produce extremely complex shapes parts, up to 0.1g of small parts; These products with uniform organization, high accuracy, smooth surface, stable quality, high production efficiency, and suitable for mass production.

Due to its incomparable advantages in precision and working efficiency, AIM has been applied to various industries such as navigation, aviation, machinery, automobile and precision instrument. With continuous development of mechanical industry, AIM has become fastest developing aluminum alloy processing technology in field of aluminum alloy parts processing in the world, and has been favored by more and more industries.

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