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Advantage of metal injection molding

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MIM(Metal injection molding) technology combined advantages of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding technology, break through traditional metal powder molding  limitation of forming process on the product shape, at the same time can forming parts with complex shape as plastic injection molding technology. It has incomparable advantages in conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting.

1.Produce small metal parts with complex shapes like plastic products, suitable for manufacturing small parts with complex geometric shapes, high precision and special requirements, usually with a weight of 0.2-200g.

2.Thin-walled structural parts can be directly formed. The shape of the products is close to or meets the requirements of the final products. Tolerance of parts usual can keep in +/-0.3% to +/-0.5%.

3.Compared with traditional machining and precision casting, internal structure of products is more uniform; Compared with conventional powder metallurgy compaction sintering, product features superior performance, with higher dimensional accuracy, better surface finish (surface roughness up to Ra0.80 ~ 1.6 m), no need for reprocessing or few CNC process.

4.Wide application range of materials, high product density (up to 95% ~ 99%), uniform structure, excellent performance, carburizing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment.

5. The metal injection molding products have uniform microstructure, high mechanical properties such as density, strength, hardness, toughness and plasticity, stable product quality and high production efficiency, which can realize automatic, mass and large-scale production.

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