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Advantages of PM bearings

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High and new technology entered a new stage along with the development of country. Quite a few new technologies have solved many of the problems we encountered in previous production. Powder metallurgy bearings are porous bearings, mainly made of metal powder, sintered body by powder metallurgy method. What are the advantages of PM bearings?

Powder metallurgy bearing is also called oil bearing. When the oil bearing is not in operation, the lubricating oil fills its pores. During operation, the shaft turns and heats up due to friction, and the thermal expansion of the bush reduces the pores, so that the lubricating oil spills into the bearing clearance.  When the shaft stops rotating, the bush cools, the pores recover, and the oil is sucked back into the pores. Although it is possible to form a complete oil film, the majority of bearing is in mixed friction state of incomplete oil film.

PM bearings are characterized by low cost, vibration absorption, low noise and no need to add lubricating oil during a long working time, especially suitable for the working environment which is not easy to lubricate or does not allow oil fouling Porosity is an important parameter of oil bearing. Oil bearing requires high oil content and high porosity working at high speed and light load. With low speed and large load, oil bearing requires high strength and low porosity.

Powder metallurgy technology can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales and recycling waste metal as raw materials, which is a new technology for effective material regeneration and comprehensive utilization.

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