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After tapping process of MIM powder products

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After tapping MIM meet processing requirements , MIM products Before tapping process , first check the tapping machine, tapping fixture for damage , if any problem should be repaired in the new fixture comes, you should first check the workpiece whether the fixture accord . Taps distinguish between the model and the workpiece wire hole size required to operate . Before tapping the Kasi long cone head tightened , so as not to bring tapping fracture .


When tapping taps must attack through hole of the workpiece, do not hurry or blindly thinking about all of a sudden attack in the past when tapping . When operating in case of attack more difficult piece , should mobilize the rod moved back and forth direction . Tapping the process , you should always check whether tainted or tooth tapping small holes like. Taps at the rear with a new grinder mill can be used. Tapping the product of bad aside , do not mess with finished inside . Taps wear thinner , we can not continue to use .

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