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Application and characteristics of sandblasting in metal injection molding

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Sandblasting using compressed air as power, in order to form high speed jet and spray to surface of product. It mainly has following functions:

1. Improve surface mechanical properties.

2. Improve roughness of product and cleanliness,

3.Change appearance or shape, because of impact and cutting effect of abrasive on product surface, improve fatigue resistance, but also increase strength between coating and sandblasting, make coating more durable, smoothly, decoration effect is better.

Compared with other cleaning processes, sandblasting process has following characteristics:

1. Sandblasting is most thorough, universal, rapid and efficient cleaning method.

2. Sandblasting can be arbitrary choice between different roughness, and other processes are unable to achieve this. Hand sanding can produce rough surface but too slow, chemical solvent cleaning surface is not conducive to smooth coating adhesion.

Sandblasting process mainly has following applications:

1. Machining parts burr cleaning and surface beautification. Sandblasting can clean small burr on product surface, and make its surface more smooth, remove harm of burr, can improve class of product. And sandblasting in product surface junction hit a small corner, so that product is more beautiful, more precise.

2. Improving mechanical properties of parts. Stainless steel sandblasting process, mechanical parts sandblasting, on surface of required parts to produce uniform fine concave and convex surface (basic schema), so that lubrication is stored, so that lubrication conditions improve, and reduce noise to improve service life of machinery.

3. light decoration.

4.Pre-treatment of coating and plating and adhesion of part. Sandblasting can remove all dirt such as rust of work piece surface, and in surface to establish a very important basic scheme (that is, so-called rough surface), and can be through exchange of different particle size abrasive, to achieve different degrees of roughness, greatly improve work and coating, plating material binding force. Or make bonding parts bonding more solid, better quality.

5. Cleaning and polishing of rough surface of cast and forged parts and work pieces, after heat treatment. Sand blasting can clean up all dirt (such as oxidized skin, no dirt and other residues) on Work piece surface after casting and forging, heat treatment, and polish part surface to improve the smoothness, which can beautify part. Sandblasting can make part show uniform metal color, make appearance more beautiful, to beautify the role of decoration.

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