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Application of Metal Injection Molding Technology

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In the past, traditional processing technology makes individual components first and then combines them into components. When using metal injection molding technology, it can be considered to integrate into a complete single part, greatly reducing steps and simplifying processing procedures.

Metal injection molding process can be directly formed thin wall, complex structure parts, product shape is close to the final product requirements, tolerance of parts is generally maintained at ±0.1 ~ ± 0.3.  It is of great significance to reduce the processing cost of hard cemented carbides and the processing loss of precious metals.

In powder metallurgy pressing process, the pressure distribution is not uniform due to friction between mold and powder and friction between powder and powder, has led to uneven microscopic organization of blank. In this way, the shrinkage of pressed powder metallurgy parts is not uniform in sintering process, so the sintering temperature has to be reduced to reduce this effect, so as to make products with large porosity, low density, seriously affect the mechanical properties of products.

On the contrary, metal injection molding process is a fluid molding process. The existence of adhesive ensures the uniform distribution of powder, so as to eliminate the unevenness in microstructure of blank, and thus make the density of sintered products reach theoretical density of material. In general, the maximum density of pressed products can only reach 85% of the theoretical density. The high compactness of product can increase the strength, strengthen the toughness, improve the ductility, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and improve the magnetic properties.

The life of metal mould used by metal injection molding technology is equal to that of the injection mould of engineering plastics. Due to the use of metal molds, metal injection molding is suitable for mass production. Because of the use of injection machine molding blank, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and injection molding products consistency, repeatability is good, so as to provide a guarantee for large-scale industrial production.

In addition, metal injection molding can also conduct material formulation research according to user requirements, make any combination of alloy materials, and shape composite materials into parts. Metal injection molding products have been widely used in various fields and have broad market prospects. The micron fine powder used in metal injection molding process can not only accelerate sintering shrinkage, help to improve the mechanical properties of materials, extend the fatigue life of materials, but also improve the resistance to stress corrosion and magnetic properties.

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