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Application of Precision Ceramic Injection Molding in Automobile

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At present, the automobile is developing towards light weight, low cost, environmental protection and intelligence. Ceramic injection molding process is applied on the car, have positive sense to reducing the quality of the car itself, improving thermal efficiency of engine, reducing fuel consumption, reducing exhaust pollution, improving the service life of wearing parts and improving the intelligent function of car. Let's take a look at some of ceramics injection molding applications in cars.

Ceramic engine 

The hotter the engine burns, the more power it generates and the more efficient the fuel. Silicon nitride ceramics, zirconia ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics and other materials with super high temperature resistance characteristics, no complex cooling system. Compared with metal engine, ceramic engine is small in size and light in weight, and its thermal efficiency can reach about 50%. It can save more than 20% of fuel compared with metal engine, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. At present, ceramic engine is the hot spot of automotive research in the world.

Ceramic sensor by ceramic injection molding

Functional ceramics with specific properties such as insulation, dielectric, semiconductor, piezoelectric and magnetic conductivity have been applied more and more in automotive multi-control sensors. There are temperature sensor, air fuel ratio sensor, thin air fuel sensor, exhaust gas sensor, knock sensor.

Ceramic brake disc

Ceramic brake disc is made of carbon fiber and silicon carbide under high temperature synthesis of enhanced composite ceramics. Ceramic brake disc is more clean and durable, quiet effect is good, high temperature resistance, high friction coefficient, good braking effect, will not increase the wear of the brake disc, but the price is higher.

Ceramic catalytic converter carrier

In automotive catalytic converter, cordierite honeycomb ceramic is used as catalyst carrier, honeycomb ceramic carrier is porous, thin structure, high temperature resistance, high strength and light weight.

Ceramic filter

Ceramic can be used in the particulate filter of automobile diesel engine. The porosity of selected material during processing can make the filtration efficiency as high as 90% and reduce cost at the same time.

Ceramic bearing

The main material of ceramic bearing is silicon nitride ceramic or oxide ceramic, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, low requirements for lubrication and cooling, and long service life.

Ceramic sprayed cars

Most ceramic coating materials are zirconia, whose advantages are good heat insulation effect, high temperature resistance, mature process, and stable quality. Spraying zirconia on piston top and cylinder liner can reduce heat loss, reduce engine quality, reduce engine size and reduce fuel consumption. Ceramic spray on the exhaust valve can increase the service life.

There are still many applications of precision ceramic injection molding in automobiles. It is known that dozens of ceramic materials have been used in automobiles. Consumers' high requirements on the economy, safety, comfort and environmental protection of automobiles as well as the intelligent development of automobiles in the future will also make the market demand for automobile ceramics broader

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