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Application of copper in metal injection moulding - bronze, brass, red copper

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Copper is one of the metals. Copper is divided into many kinds according to its composition. The most common are bronze, brass and red copper.In metal injection molding, the type of copper is often chosen according to the characteristics of the product.The differences are described in the following three aspects:

1.Chemical elements of composition

1) Bronze is an alloy in which tin or lead is added to pure copper.

2) Brass is composed of copper and zinc alloy, brass composed of copper, zinc is called ordinary brass, if it is composed of more than two kinds of elements, often adding elements such as lead, tin, aluminum, a variety of alloy is called special brass.

3)Red copper is pure copper.


1) Bronze is characterized by low melting point, high hardness, strong plasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and bright color.

2) Brass has a strong wear resistance;

3) Red copper has good thermal conductivity, processing, ductility, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

3. Use

1) Bronze is used in metal injection molding for appliances, mechanical parts, bearings, gears, etc.;

2) Brass is used in metal injection moulding for valves, water pipes, connecting pipes of internal and external air conditioners and radiators, etc.;

3) Red copper is used in electrical equipment such as generators, busbars, cables, switching devices and transformers in mim.

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