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Application of metal injection molding technology in automobile parts

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As we all know, compared with traditional processing methods, metal injection molding technology has the characteristics of high precision, high strength, high shape complexity, diverse materials and low cost.

In today's society, the automobile has been indispensible. All of us are very familiar with it, but who knows a lot of parts in the car are made of what materials and technology?

At present, the MIM parts used in automobile are generally iron based materials, mainly including Fe-Ni alloy, fe-0.4c-1cr-0.75mn-0.2mo alloy steel, pre-alloyed cr-mo-c steel, ni-cr-mo-c steel, 316L, 17-4ph, 400 series, HK series stainless steel, Inconel713C nickel-base heat-resistant high-temperature alloy steel.

The main auto parts include:

1. Turbocharger

Turbochargers are mainly composed of turbines, pump wheels, rotors and impellers. They use the inertial force generated by the high-pressure exhaust gas from the engine to drive the pump wheels to rotate. The turbine is driven by the rotor to increase the engine inlet pressure.

Turbocharger parts are mainly composed of nickel - based superalloy, titanium alloy and other materials. Its structure is extremely complex, the working environment is bad, the precision request is high, if by other processing, cost is high and also hard to control the precision.

2. Fuel injector

The electronic control gasoline injector on the automobile engine is composed of more than 20 parts, among which the magnetic circuit structure of the injector is composed of iron core, armature, magnetic sheet, guide body and other parts, all of which are made of soft magnetic alloy materials. Compared with traditional gasoline injector, the comprehensive performance of MIM injector is improved by using iron based nanocrystalline soft magnetic powder.

3. Sensors

With the development of science and technology, the types and functions of sensors used in automobiles tend to be diversified, intelligent and miniaturized. Many sensors in engine, chassis, body and navigation systems have been manufactured by metal injection molding, such as pressure sensor components, airbag sensor inserts, oxygen sensors and steering sensors.

In addition to above parts, the ignition key, engine rocker parts, steering u-clamp, reverse synchronizer, valve jacking rod, piston ring, combustion chamber cover, car fixer, etc. are manufactured by metal injection molding process as well.

With the progress of science and technology, the main direction of automobile development is energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence and lightweight. MIM automobile parts have a huge market prospect in the application of automobile.

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