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Application range of sandblasting machine

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1. Surface pretreatment: plating, painting, anode, teflon, rubber, plastic, metal, spray welding, gold plating, titanium plating and other pretreatment to increase surface adhesion of products.

2. Surface beautification processing: decorative processing of various metal or non-metal products. Such as: gold, glass, acrylic, glass, crystal glass and other surface atomization processing, and can make processing products surface metal luster or natural color.

3. Surface cleaning processing: metal oxide layer or heat treatment after black skin, surface rust and black skin elimination, non-metallic ceramic surface, black spot coloring, removal or painting regeneration, rubber mold and gravity die casting mold oxide removal, residue or deformizing agent removal.

4. Removal rough edges processing: plastic, rubber, electric wood products, aluminum die casting products and other rough edges removal.  

5. Etch processing: metal and non-metal surface etch processing. Such as: gold, jade, crystal, agate, seal, stone, ceramic wood, etc.

6. Electronic parts processing: sealing, remove overflows and rough edges, remove words on electronic parts surface, matting and etching silicon chips, and cleaning ceramic electrothermal materials.

7. Stress relief treatment: aerospace industry, national defense weapons and other cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and extinction, renovation and stress relief.

8. Mold processing: mold surface, sandblasting, texture, cleaning, matt, etc., 

9. Sandblasting processing: minimum volume of sandblasting processing products is 0.2mm, maximum 5 tons. 

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