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Categories of Metal Parts Surface Heat Treatment

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Surface treatment is a craft to form a layer of surface with distinct functions on Machinical, Physical, and Chemical, above the workpiece. This process is to meet products’ corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, decoration and other particular require function. For metal parts, mechanical polish, chemical treatment, spray coating, and heat treatment. And the surface heat treatment is divide into physical method and chemical method.

1.Flame Heating

The method of directly heating the surface of the workpiece with acetylene flame. Low cost, but the quality is not easy to control.

2.Laser Heating

A method of heating a workpiece surface with a high energy density laser. High efficiency and good quality.

Laser surface strengthening can be divided into laser phase transformation strengthening treatment, laser surface alloying treatment and laser cladding treatment.

Laser surface strengthening is mainly used for localized parts such as punching die, crankshaft, cam, camshaft, spline shaft, precision instrument guide, high speed steel cutter, gear and internal combustion engine cylinder liner.

3. Induction Heating
The use of alternating current in the workpiece surface induction of a huge eddy current, so that the surface of the workpiece quickly heated method.



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