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Chinese Metal Injection Molding Development History

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In China, metal injection molding(MIM) technology began in the early 1980s, but its industrial evolution was slow at that time.

In 2005, a few small MIM manufacturers set up in pearl river delta and Yangtze river successively to make MIM parts for notebook, mobile phone and other electronic products.

In 2006, along with polyformaldehyde technical system was widely applied in China, which broke through the technical bottleneck of MIM industry development. Original content of MIM feedstock includes PW, which make products can’t release from mold. After using POM feeding instead, mass production achieved smoothly.

In the early stage, most MIM manufacturers made feedstock by themselves. With the emergence of commercial feedstock and domestic equipment, the threshold of MIM industry was greatly lowered. MIM manufacturers can also produce products even if they did not know powder, adhesives, mixing equipment and rheology.

In 2010, with the surging demand for electronic communication products, MIM product’s domestic demand increased sharply. In addition to the basic improvement of raw materials, equipment, technology and other production factors, this has prompted the rapid development of MIM manufacturers. Small enterprises have rapidly developed into large enterprises, and new enterprises are emerging.

In 2014, Chinese metal injection molding market reached 2.84 billion yuan. Surprisingly, the size of Chinese MIM market reached 4.85 billion yuan in 2015, almost double that of the previous year. Therefore, 2015 is called the first year of Chinese MIM industry by insiders.

By 2018, the number of MIM enterprises in China has grown from a few at the beginning to about 130.

Today, the pearl river delta in south China has become the most densely distributed region for MIM enterprises, with nearly 100 MIM enterprises concentrated, mainly in shenzhen and dongguan city.

Since 2011, metal injection molding, as the fifth-generation metal forming technology, has developed rapidly in the fields of mobile phone, automobile, medical treatment, aerospace and other industries. During 2015-2018, MIM components involved in consumer electronic phones and computers are numerous.

In the future, MIM market will continue to grow and tend to be diversified further with the development of electronic product, automobile, medical device and other aspects.

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