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Chinese Powder Metallurgy Industry Market Trend Analysis in 2018

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Powder metallurgy industry plays an important role in manufacturing industry. Good development of powder metallurgy industry is conducive to the healthy development of regional economy. At present, global powder metallurgy market is mainly concentrated in north and South America, while the Chinese market is mainly concentrated in east and central China. In terms of enterprise competition, the powder metallurgy industry has a high concentration. In the future, with the continuous improvement of technical requirements for powder metallurgy, the production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated.

Regional competition: north and South America account for the largest market share in the global industry, while China is concentrated in east and central China

The global powder metallurgy market is mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Japan and other regions (countries). In the global iron powder used in powder metallurgy, north and South America account for 42%, Europe for 23%, Asia and Oceania for 35%.

China has a high concentration of powder metallurgy industry, which is mainly concentrated in central and eastern China, accounting for 37.24% and 40.20% of the total scale of the powder metallurgy industry, respectively. Other regions, such as north China, account for only 6.51%, which is less distributed and has a large space for development of powder metallurgy in the future.

In China, most domestic powder metallurgy enterprises fight for living space through fierce price competition in low-end product market. Only a few domestic enterprises can compete with foreign enterprises and enterprises investing in China. With powder metallurgy industry overcapacity, the industry further adjustment, gradually moving closer to the leading enterprises.

Chinese powder metallurgy products industry started in the middle of 1950s. With development of automobile industry and its own material saving properties, Chinese powder metallurgy industry has entered a period of rapid development. With the continuous improvement of powder metallurgy technology, its application continues to expand to the high-end market. Only by crossing the double "threshold" of technology and capital, can the product upgrading and structural adjustment of powder metallurgy industry be realized. It is expected that Chinese domestic powder metallurgy market will present the following five development trends in the future.

1.Establish the market position of middle and high-end enterprises

2.International competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Domestic high-end market competition is increasingly international. Powder metallurgy manufacturing enterprises of various countries have set up factories wholly owned or joint venture in China to implement gradient transfer of products. Such as America's METALDYNE, GKN, hawke company, Italy's micro teeth company, Canada's Stackpole, QMP company, Japan's sumitomo, Hitachi, mitsubishi and so on. These foreign enterprises are getting more and more familiar with the status of Chinese powder metallurgy industry, such as product grade, production capacity, product price, quality and so on.

3.The improvement of quality in the middle and low-end markets intensifies competition. In the competitive middle and low-end markets, product quality is constantly improving while price is decreasing year by year. Due to the constant influx of new enterprises, it challenges the old ones, while small enterprises pose a threat to the big ones. 

4.Domestic quality equipment is expected to replace foreign imports. Domestic equipment such as press and furnace performance is improving, and price for domestic equivalent performance mechanical press machine is only one third of imported.

5.Industry consolidation of all kinds is accelerating. In order to survive and develop, enterprises from competition to competition and cooperation, large enterprises hope to become bigger and stronger through joint, medium-sized enterprises hope to maintain their own territory through cooperation, small enterprises want to maintain their survival, are seeking various forms of joint.

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