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Compared with metal injection molding, Chinese 3D printing industry is Still in Initial Stage

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The development of 3D printing technology will bring a great challenge for metal injection molding in future. But nonetheless, it still should take some time to claim ability to challenge metal injection molding process completely.  

In the global 3D printer industry, Europe and the United States are the most developed, and a preliminary commercial model has been formed.

Chinese 3D printing industrialization has not yet formed a complete industrial system, the overall scale of enterprises is generally small, is still in the primary stage of development. There are still some problems, such as the hindrance of large-scale commercialization and industrialization, the restriction of raw materials on industrial development, the large gap with foreign 3D technology, and the relatively high overall cost.

As one of the important technologies to promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry, 3D printing has been strongly supported by national policies since 2015.

In 2015, the ministry of industry and information technology of China released the national additive manufacturing (3D printing) industry development promotion plan (2015-2016), which explicitly included 3D printing in the national strategy level for the first time, indicating that the domestic 3D printing industry has received strong support from the government

In recent years, government departments at all levels have continuously introduced policies to support the development of 3D printing industry, and a stable policy support system for additive manufacturing has been formed.

The market size of Chinese 3D printing industry grows faster than that of the world.

Thanks to the support of policies, Chinese 3D printing market has been increasingly applied in aerospace, automobile, ship, nuclear industry, mold and other fields in recent years. 

According to the statistical data of "analysis report on the market demand and investment potential of China's 3D printing industry" released by the forward-looking industry research institute, from 2012 to 2017, the scale of China's 3D printing industry increased year by year, with the increase rate slightly faster than global overall growth rate, and the proportion of chinese 3D printing industry in the world is increasing.

In 2010, market size of Chinese 3D printing industry only reached 160 million US dollars.

By 2016, the market size exceeded 1 billion US dollars.

By the end of 2017, the market size has grown to 1.67 billion US dollars, an increase of 40.34% over the previous year, and it has exceeded 10 billion US dollars for the first time.

It is preliminarily estimated that the market size of Chinese 3D printing industry will exceed 2 billion US dollars in 2018.

The promotion and application of 3D printing technology in China is still at initial stage, and there is a broad prospect in both industrial application and personal consumption. For industrial sector, domestic technology in laser cladding has certain advantages, which is conducive to the development of 3D printing equipment manufacturing and printing services with laser sintering as molding technology. In the field of personal consumption, the speed of application promotion depends on the improvement of the awareness of 3D printing technology, as well as the development of relevant auxiliary platforms, such as software design and document production database.

Market size statistics and growth forecast of China's 3D printing industry in 2012-2018

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