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Continuous improvement of MIM technology

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In past few decades, metal injection molding (MIM) technology increasingly produce complex parts, its applications have covered a wide range of different industries. With increasing market demand for high-quality parts with small geometric deformation and strong material performance, MIM technology has been spread and integrated into production lines of various industries, such as automobile, medical equipment and mobile phone manufacturing. Areas of high power density (such as automotive engines, powertrains, and machinery manufacturing) require small, compact mechanical systems that offer greater innovation potential and productivity. In addition, sophisticated MIM technology components have many advantages, such as effectively reducing assembly time of a laptop and a mobile phone. 

In order to meet requirements of industry for continuous development of technical requirements and related specifications, explore MIM technology process equipment in accuracy and efficiency of growth space. At present, mechanical and chemical properties of parts and optical appearance of restrictions are mainly caused by following aspects of non-uniform shrinkage (geometric deformation powder and raw material mixing is not uniform; Density fluctuations due to injection and/or first de-binding phase; Temperature in sintering furnace is not uniform. Inaccurate process gas management for chemical decomposition and discoloration; Binder is deposited again at second de-binding stage and remove residual sintering furnace contaminants. In addition to these technical constraints, competitive market environment transfers cost pressures to component manufacturers. That's why higher-margin, higher-technology production equipment and materials are key to moving industry forward.

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