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Density of powder metallurgy parts for wear has no effect

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Density of powder metallurgy parts for wear have no impact? Below the ZCMIM PM Ltd. with us together to explore.

Effect of powder metallurgy parts wear for many reasons, but primarily occur wear material surface deformation and fracture process. Therefore, to improve the friction surface where strength and toughness favorable factors will improve the wear resistance.

Powder metallurgy materials generally there is a certain amount of clearance, and the material strength and toughness decrease. Generally, when the powder metallurgy material density greater than 7.0g / cm3, hardness dramatically.

Because under conditions of high density, the material can not only increase the effective area of the carrier, and can give full play to the role of alloying. Of course, the wear resistance of powder metallurgy materials is also affected by the shape and size of the pores, large pores and sharp unfavorable performance of the material.

In summary, the density is not the only factor I wear resistance of powder metallurgy parts, there are many factors that need to be considered.

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