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Design points of stainless steel powder metallurgy structural parts

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   1, material selection

The choice of material of stainless steel powder metallurgy parts, in addition to the mechanical properties, should also to select the raw powder of the species and its composition, the density of the material, sintering conditions and subsequent processing in accordance with the requirements of part of wear-resistant, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.


Although, in high alloy powders as raw materials by material of high density and sintering conditions, or the carburizing and quenching heat treatment, the physical and mechanical properties of stainless steel powder metallurgy parts material increased, but parts of the production cost also correspondingly increased. Therefore, in the selection of materials, it is best not to pursue the excessive material properties, and increased production costs.


2, shape design

Stainless steel powder metallurgy structural parts are generally made of metal powder with single axial compression, so the shape of the parts are subject to various restrictions. When designing parts, we must pay attention to overcome these limitations, so as not to increase the production cost of parts or produce quality problems. In addition, the clever use of combination or sintering method, such as the legitimate, but also to overcome some of the limitations of the shape of the parts.


In addition, some parts of the shape of cutting and other methods can not or difficult to make, but it is suitable for stainless steel powder metallurgy process. Such examples are many, such as tooth in motor pulley, the transmission synchronizer gear hub etc.. This kind of parts fully embodies the characteristics of stainless steel powder metallurgy technology.


3, size accuracy

Generally speaking, although can be made very high dimensional accuracy of green compacts, but due to shrinkage or swell produced in the sintering process, powder metallurgy parts size precision reduced. When the size precision of stainless steel powder metallurgy parts can not meet the technical requirements, it is necessary to increase the finishing, cutting, grinding and other follow-up processing. Therefore, to determine the size accuracy of parts, to master the allowable size of each process accuracy, as far as possible to reduce the number of processing procedures, in order to reduce the production cost of parts.

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