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Development and application of vacuum titanium plating technology

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Since entering 21st century, with development of modern industrial technology, most parts, no matter appearance or performance, more and more delicate parts have higher requirements. In face of these strict requirements, traditional parts processing method and surface treatment technology has not reached standard. After a long time of research and development, titanium plating has solved this problem. Titanium plating can not only meet requirements of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, less consumption and other properties of parts, but also solve problem of parts material cannot withstand high temperature environment, successfully maintain basic parts will not deformation, hardness will not reduce.

Titanium plating is a kind of surface treatment technology of metal materials, which has been widely used in industrial field and has intention of gradually promoting.

In late 1970s, people began to use physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. Physical vapor deposition technology can be applied in manufacture of hard film, it can improve mechanical and chemical properties of products, make products have high wear resistance, high hardness and other properties, but also can reduce friction effect. At the beginning of using this technology, caused a great response on tool manufacturing in countries around and was highly valued. At same time, this technology conforms to requirements of modern environmental pollution-free processing technology, which is a green technology.

Titanium plating is a coating technology that uses a variety of materials. The processing temperature should be kept above 150 degrees Celsius, but not more than 500 degrees Celsius. Titanium plating can not only make tool rich and colorful, but also achieve a certain hardness effect, using PVD technology, so that the tool has excellent performance.

Titanium plating is a universal coating process. The main characteristics of titanium plating includes:

1. refers to Titanium, zirconium and other metals are removed from the air in a high temperature titanium gold furnace. At the same time, by means of glow discharge of inert gas, the metal or alloy to be coated is ionized. At this point, the ions accelerated by the electric field, will continue to pile up on negative charge stainless steel plate. The result is a metallic film of very rich color

2. color will not change is also the main characteristics of titanium plating. Different from traditional electroplating, coating hardness is higher, at same time can avoid occurrence of friction phenomenon, no peeling, highly anti-corrosion, so PVD coating stainless steel can always be widely used in many decorative industries

Titanium nitride is a kind of titanium coating process. Usually, color of titanium nitride is gold. Titanium nitride not only has excellent performance, and its hardness is up to 2300HV. It is widely used in chemical industry.

Titanium nitride is often gold, can withstand a maximum temperature 580 degrees Celsius, can be adapted to low temperature coating. 0.23 VSNi can effectively reduce friction, suitable using in low temperature. Part with this kind titanium coating often has very good wearability. Compared with other non-titanium nitride coating, it can withstand the test of corrosion and other adverse environment, and has a long service life. Moreover, titanium nitride can effectively enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance when used as coating. Titanium nitride's good electrical conductivity can make the product suitable for medical, glass and hand ornaments industries 

Metal injection molding parts often need to use vacuum plating (PVD) titanium plating process.

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