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Development of Metal Powder Injection Molding in Asia

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China is the leading region in Asia, with annual sales now estimated at about $1bn. The main driver of Chinese metal powder injection molding growth is consumer electronics (3C) products, with 2017 data from China iron and steel association's powder metallurgy branch saying smartphones are the largest application market (65.7 percent), followed by wearable devices (6.9 percent) and computers (4.9 percent).Other powder metal injection molding(MIM) applications include vehicles (7.2%), tools (6%) and medical devices (3.9%).

Total shipments of metal injection molding materials (powder and feed) in China were reported at 8,000 to 8,500 tonnes in 2017.The market share of MIM materials is evenly divided between domestic suppliers (55%) and foreign suppliers (45%). BASF's Catamold reportedly has a 90% market share in imported raw materials.

About 80% of powder metal injection molding companies in China have the capacity to produce feedstock by themselves. In actual production, they will choose to use commodity feedstock or produce feedstock by themselves according to the situation.In 2017, the most widely used MIM materials in China continued to be stainless steel (70%) and low-alloy steel (20%), with tungsten-based materials accounting for about 8% of total production, with cemented carbide, copper, titanium and aluminum alloys accounting for the remaining 2%.

Elsewhere in Asia, India's MIM industry (dominated by indo-mim Pvt Ltd) tripled its revenues from $50m to $150m between 2014 and 2016, with most of its products exported to North America, Europe and Japan.

JPMA estimates that metal powder injection molding producers in Japan will generate around $120m in sales in 2018, a growth rate of 5-6%.Japan's MIM market is dominated by industrial machinery, medical and automotive applications. Other major MIM production bases in Asia include South Korea and Singapore.

The metal powder injection molding sector in Asia is expected to continue to grow strongly, particularly in automotive and healthcare markets. Despite the huge demand generated by 3C industry, business diversification remains a top priority for many Chinese metal injection molding companies to shift away from a single application area. A mobile phone production life cycle may be shorter, some models may be neglected, while others can big dubbing, which makes metal powder injection molding parts orders are difficult to predict in advance, also give metal injection molding manufacturers changes on balance various production requirements, namely how to guarantee high efficient boot up, also make sure that temporary production scheduling, a very short delivery of one million smartphone parts at any time.

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