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Development of powder metallurgy industry

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   Powder metallurgy technology in China is in the seventies and eighties of the last century developed, not too late to start, but the development is not fast enough, not only in the number needs to be improved, in the variety and quality also needs to improve, such as powder performance needs to be improved, compressibility, chemical composition needs to be improved, variety, specifications and grades to further enrich and consistency in the quality of relatively poor problem to be resolved as soon as possible, especially to improve production efficiency, reduce the manufacturing cost, in order to adapt to the increasingly fierce international and domestic two market competition. The first problem to be solved in the development of powder metallurgy is education.


   It is understood that at present, only the national Central South University, Northeastern University, University of Science and Technology Beijing and HeFei University of Technology, and several other institutions with a powder metallurgy. The second is to go out, the introduction of. In order to promote the development of powder metallurgy industry in China, the powder metallurgy industry in China should strengthen the communication with the international industry.


   Third is to formulate the corresponding policies to support the development of new industries as a powder metallurgy technology. Like, over the years China has been from abroad to import large quantities of containing MNS prealloyed easy cutting steel powder and low alloy steel powder, water atomized iron powder production enterprises to promote the development and application of, the pre alloyed steel powder is duty bound, but the government should have the related policy support

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