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Development status of AIM production equipment

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MIM and CIM are two major branches of powder injection molding. Among them, MIM is the earliest and most mature branch, which is called the hottest component forming technology in the 21st century. Indeed, it has lived up to such an honor. Its industry keeps growing and has specialized equipment for metal injection molding production. Now a third branch of the powder injection molding process has appeared: AIM, namely aluminum alloy injection molding.

In recent years, with mature of metal injection molding process and popularization, people also more and more attention to aluminum alloy has excellent function of special composite metal, because there are many different kinds of aluminum alloy, the nature of the differences, the characteristics of the surface is easily oxidized, its in injection molding and the common metal or alloy requirements are different, and so special AIM can only be seen -- aluminum alloy injection molding.

Any process to comprehensive development, formed a kind of industry, must be through improvement of production equipment and upgrade for enterprises to improve production efficiency, AIM is not exceptional also, originally, it was without special equipment, traditional powder metallurgy and plastic injection industry general production equipment and special equipment for metal injection molding have been used in the process. But it has its unique raw material characteristic, those are not special production equipment cannot meet its normal production needs very well, even if barely can use the quality of the product also at a discount.

AIM production equipment (mainly mixed granulation equipment and injection equipment) of the research is started in recent years, because of aluminum alloy injection molding technology is a very advanced technology, domestic research is just beginning to its, Nanjing university of science and technology research in this field more early and has made some research achievements, level can be achieved in the field of the world's top three. Because the friction coefficient of aluminum alloy powder is smaller than that of ordinary metal powder and ceramic powder, it can be shared with mixing equipment and injection equipment in principle.

With the improvement of production efficiency, equipment automation, processing continuity and equipment performance of AIM enterprises, research on professional aluminum alloy injection molding mixer, granulator and injection machine began to be put on agenda of many mechanical equipment manufacturers.

The current domestic existing a few mechanical equipment manufacturers through the way of cooperation with colleges and universities, in terms of r&d and production of special equipment to produce the AIM has achieved initial success, and in some businesses begin to try, its functions and features have yet to be in a future trial and error and improve production practice, believe that with constant progress of science and technology, production equipment will also develop toward intelligent, environmental protection, automation.

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