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Electroless nickel plating on MIM products

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Many properties and microstructure of MIM products are formed during sintering, but some performance can only be improved and perfected by heat treatment. Heat treatment is very important for iron based MIM products, at same time iron-base MIM products can do nickel plating to prevent rust.

At room temperature, iron-based metal injection molding products in dry air is not easy to react with oxygen, sulfur, chlorine and other non-metallic substances; If there are impurities, they will rust more easily in moist air, and more quickly in moist air in presence of acid, alkali, or salt solution. In order to increase strength, hardness and endurance, most iron based MIM products need to be quenched, namely quenching and tempering, and do nickel plating treatment to protect products from corrosion. There are two main methods of nickel plating: one is electroless nickel plating. Electroless nickel plating is a method to reduce metal ions and deposit them on part surface by REDOX effect of reducing agent in the same solution when no current (no external power) passes through. Another kind of electroplating nickel is a process that metal ions in the bath are reduced to metal at cathode by an external current, while electroless plating is not applied current, which deposit metal by chemical reduction under the catalysis of metal surface

Advantages of electroless nickel plating:

1. Products made of a variety of materials, including metal products, semiconductors and non-conductors, can be coated with metal.

 2. No matter how complex geometry of products, where you can contact solution can obtain uniform thickness of coating;

3. Can obtain thicker coating, even can be cast;

4. No power supply needed.

5. Dense coating with small pores effective in preventing rust; 

Picture 1 shows comparison before and after electroless nickel plating on iron - based powder products.

                                 BEFORE                                                    AFTER


 Electroless nickel plating has many very unique properties, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, magnetic compatibility, weldability, lubrication and thickness uniformity. These properties can be adjusted to meet technical requirements by changing phosphorus content, heat treatment conditions and deposition conditions.

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