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Explanation of MIM post-process -vacuum plating, water plating and electroplating

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Vacuum plating is use of physical vapor deposition principle for surface plating, in high vacuum conditions, no rectifier, no plating bath and no plating liquid etc. Electroplating is based on principle of electrolysis. In a certain electroplating solution, plated part is cathode and metal to be plated is anode. The metal ion is deposited as a coating on the plating piece by direct current.

Water plating is electroplating. Stainless steel vacuum plating is easier than other material, stainless steel plating is more complex than steel parts, mainly due to problem of adhesion.

Water plating/ electroplating

Electroplating is process of coating a conductive body with metal on principle of electrolysis. Electroplating can also be used on specially treated plastics in addition to electrical conductors.

The electroplating process is basically as follows:

Connect plated metal to positive electrode

The object to be electroplated is connected to negative electrode

The anode and cathode are connected by an electrolyte solution of positive ions of plated metal

When a direct current is applied, metal at positive electrode oxidizes (loses electrons), and positive ions in solution are reduced (gains electrons) to atoms and accumulate on negative surface.

After electroplating, beauty of electroplated object is related to current size. The smaller the current, the more beautiful electroplate quality will be. On the contrary, some uneven shapes will appear.

Main uses of electroplating include preventing oxidation of metals, such as corrosion, and for decoration. Many coins are plated on the outside.

Effluent from electroplating, such as disfunctional electrolytes, is an important source of water pollution.

Vacuum plating

Vacuum plating mainly include vacuum evaporation, sputtering and ion plating several types. All of them deposit various metal and nonmetal films on the surface of plastic parts by distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions, through this way can get very thin surface finishes, fast and good adhesion, but price is too high. There are few types of metals that can be operated, and this process is generally used as functional coatings for higher-end products, such as used as internal shielding layer.

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