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French customers (Surfaces Synergie Groupe) visit the ZCMIM factory

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Yesterday plant surfaces Synergie France Groupe customers, to visit the factory is project manager (French) and technology consultant (Korean he is the second to our factory); main customers do luxury metal parts and their surface treatment.


The visit is mainly the project manager to understand our factory. Customers are satisfied with our factory, but to do what luxury brands or SA8000 certification; for SA8000 certification customers currently has two, one is capital to our help, we had requested the SA8000, another is their company in accordance with the audit criteria to review of our factory, which don't need SA8000. These two considerations, they said they would return to the company confirmed.


Regardless of the client for the kind of requirements, ZCMIM will fully cooperate with, because have not done before the luxury metal parts, this is the first time to do such a luxury components, for the MIM process of this is a test, so whether the customer chooses a or two, and on to the SA8000 certification ZCMIM must go through examination, convenient customer cooperation!

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