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Function of wear - resistant coating on metal surface

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Coating metal surface wear-resistant layer, will with good adhesion, resistance to extreme pressure, high and low temperature, also to prevent part surface damage, corrosion. The wear-resistant coating is placed on nut bolt thread or surface in a special processing way, and then heated and sintered to form a dense and uniform dry film lubrication layer with strong adhesion.

Purpose of wear-resisting treatment of metal surface: one is to increase bonding strength of coating and metal, that is, to increase adhesion force; other is to increase function of coating such as anti-corrosion, anti-wear and lubrication and other special functions.

1. Improve torque coefficient of fastener

Wear-resistant coating can effectively improve torque coefficient of fasteners, according to customer demand, adjust torque coefficient in 0.09-0.13 or according to customer demand processing specific torque coefficient of fasteners.

2. Solve problems of fastener clamping and biting

Lubrication coating formed by applying molybdenum disulfide coating on fastener tooth or surface is not easy to rust, jam and bite after use of fastener.

3, solve problem of ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature lubrication of fasteners

Wear-resistant coating can be made according to actual conditions of customer demand, low temperature resistance -270℃, high temperature resistance 380℃ different temperature requirements of coating. That is, coating on surface of fastener at this temperature will not embrittlement,  but will still have lubrication characteristics.

4. Solve problems of wear resistance and self-lubrication of fasteners

Based on excellent performance of EUBO youbao wear-resistant coating material, wear-resistant coating has a good wear-resistant and self-lubricating property. Fasteners can be repeatedly loosened and locked, silk teeth will not damage, save time and effort, save cost.

5. Solve problem of rust and corrosion prevention of fasteners

Wear-resistant coating on surface of teeth or fasteners to form a dense layer of solid lubrication film thickness, film thickness of about 10 microns, the film is a barrier between metal substrate and air, which is not easy to cause corrosion of substrate. If it is used together with hot dip galvanizing or other anticorrosive coatings, it will have a better effect of rust and corrosion prevention.

6. Solved maintenance-free problem of fasteners

In some specific environments, lubrication system that cannot be maintained (such as field environment), inconvenient maintenance (ultra-low temperature, toxic environment, etc.) or operating conditions with high maintenance costs can be exempted from maintenance by adopting the form of solid lubrication dry film.

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