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Future Development Trend of Metal Injection Molding--- Titanium Product, Bigger Product, Smaller Product

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Metal injection molding titanium products

Although much research has been done on metal injection molding titanium and titanium alloys, there have been no effective product applications in the major potential markets (biomedical, aerospace and consumer products).There are also key technical challenges with metal injection molding titanium alloys, such as the process control of harmful elements C and O, and how to ensure stable mechanical properties, especially yield strength and elongation.

The high cost of metal injection molding grade titanium powder is also a major factor hindering the application of MIM titanium. However, there have been some successful cases where companies specializing in ti-mim and related MIM titanium products have seen steady growth, despite the fact that they are usually only used in small and medium batches.

Bigger Products

Despite the technical challenges of making large metal injection molding parts, particularly in injection and debinding, there have been many examples of parts weighing more than 100g in actual production. As mentioned earlier, advances in feeding, process and die technology have made it possible for MIM technology to produce larger parts. Obstacles to producing large pieces using MIM processes may include the relatively high cost of mim-grade powder (for smaller parts of a single weight, the cost of raw materials accounts for a small proportion of total cost, so powder price is not a constraint) and the challenges from 3D printing. Although 3D printing has its own design limitations, at least it doesn't require complex and expensive molds.

Smaller products

Powder microinjection molding (MicroPIM) has been attracting attention as a unique process for the manufacture of medium to large quantities of metal and ceramic micro-components. A single micro component with a typical size of less than 1 mm and a larger component with a micron or even nanometer local structure can be classified as powder microinjection molding. The success in this field is due to the high efficiency of microinjection molding in medium and mass production, the ability to manufacture parts with complex shapes, and the diversity of materials available for processing. As the application scope of micro-assembly devices continues to expand, so will the use of functional or high-strength materials in micro-injection molding technology, including electronics, medical devices, biosensors, etc.

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