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Future development of powder metallurgy gear what is it

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PM gears are widely used in various automotive engine powder metallurgy parts, by shaping and finishing process, do not need other post-treatment process, fully able to meet the accuracy requirements, especially in profile accuracy.


Although the powder metallurgy industry has passed nearly 10 years of rapid development, but there are still gaps with foreign industry the following aspects:

  (1) enterprises, small-scale economic and foreign companies are very different.

  (2) cross-enterprise products, lower prices and fierce competition.

  (3) lack of technical support for most enterprises, research and development capabilities, product quality is low, it is difficult to compete with foreign countries.

  (4) process equipment and facilities behind.

  (5) poor exports and trade channels. With China's accession to WTO, will improve these shortcomings and weaknesses.


This is because after the accession to the WTO, the gradual internationalization of the market, the MIM powder metallurgy market will further expand opportunities, and at the same time, foreign capital and technology into, powder metallurgy and related technology will also be improved and developed. Work together in close cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow!


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