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German customers visit ZCMIM

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German customers visiting ZCMIM

Yesterday, the German Novia (Nuo Weiya) customer visited, through the company's business translation, I learned about the German customers to ZCMIM evaluation is good.  


Visit a total of three individuals, a German (project manager and Engineering), two Chinese (a executive manager and procurement: procurement is already a second look at the factory, first saw our production workshop, feel good, with their project manager said, this time their project manager specially from Germany rushed over to see your factory and evaluation of German customers to the factory ZCMIM clean, perfect management, they are do investment casting, because many products with precision accuracy is not high, we must through secondary processing, resulting in high cost and low yield.


Although the German side of the MIM process developed very well, but the cost is very high, so they considered in China to find MIM factory cooperation; to do the main customers for the products are sanitary and lock, at present of our service and factory image satisfaction is very high.


Customers today factory is mainly review supplier's strength, they want to find MIM suppliers of long-term cooperation in China, today to come visit and sincerity is dye in the wood, we will in the follow-up and service, the future is to develop a long-term cooperation customers. Look forward to the day they signed! If you would like to know ZCMIM, please contact our online customer service, to help you professional answer!

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